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Loughborough Lake Marina is Proud to be Your Authorized Alumacraft Dealer in Ontario since March 2018.

Alumacraft Boat Co. manufactures aluminum boats offering sport and fishing boats, console and tiller steering boats, bench seating V boats, center console boats and canoes. Founded in 1946 and purchased by Timpte Industries Inc in 1970 when they moved their operations to St Peter, Minnesota, where it has remained to this day. Alumacraft has dealers throughout Canada, Netherlands, Russia, France and throughout the United States.

As of June 28th, 2018, Alumacraft Boat Co operates as a subsidiary of BRP Inc. All our Alumacraft Complete Boat Packages have been ordered custom and pre-rigged through Evinrude.  With an Onsite Evinrude Certified Mechanic this has proven a beneficial partnership, as we are able to offer regular maintenance, parts and warranty work without hassle to all our customers.

For more information on the BRP Marine Group please follow link below.

BRP Acquires Alumacraft and Announces the Creation of BRP Marine Group–group.html




We’re about family, and friends, and fishing buddies, and everyone who makes up the great community of boating and enjoys the peace and exhilaration of an afternoon on the water.


Fishing is the genesis of our business and the core of our passion. Our boats are designed and built by fishing enthusiasts for fishing enthusiasts.


Many of our customers’ parents and grandparents owned an Alumacraft. They stick with us because we’ve been a part of their family and memories for generations. The quality we put into our boats builds trust that lasts forever.

The Alumacraft Boat Company’s Motto ‘Families. Fishing. Forever’ reflects the needs and focus of our customer base which is only one of the reasons why we are so excited to be your Local Alumacraft Boat Dealer in Ontario.  When comparing boat manufacturers a few key points stood out, making the decision to choose an Alumacraft, an easy one.

Exclusive to Alumacraft, the 2XB Hull. Engineered for optimal lift, unmatched strength and better fuel economy. The Aqua Dynamic Hull surface of the gull-wing-shaped design results in quicker planning, better handling and superior boat control. Then there is the One-Piece Construction which delivers superior strength, beating the competitions multi-piece hull with a seamless hull that allows for proper keel placement, so the prop turns in pure, non-aerated water.

Using Larger Military Grade Rivets increases strength as well as fewer rivets resulting in less holes drilled in the hull construction. A One-Piece Hardened Center Keel adds structural integrity and full-length double plating providing additional strength and protection all the way to the transom. The extra plate and solid bottom construction dramatically reduce sound, vibration and flexing. All these points factor into the handling and enjoyment of your boating experience. All 2XB Hulls have larger spray rails, which deflect backsplash in reverse-dispersal resulting in a drier ride in rough water. The All-Aluminum Transom is lighter and 130% stronger than a wood transom. This is an important feature as it minimizes racking and vibration while providing a more durable mounting surface for your motor. Alumacraft uses automotive quality paint which is stronger and fade resistant to ultraviolet light, making damage like dock rash or scratches easier to repair.

The last feature which tends to impress even the most hesitant consumer is the Warranty offered by Alumacraft. Most boat manufacturers’ Limited Lifetime Warranty only covers one aspect of the boat. They warranty the areas where issues are most likely to occur with a ten-year prorated warranty. Alumacraft covers the Entire Hull with a 20 Year, Non-Prorated Warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Customer confidence is often the deal breaker when purchasing for leisure, so this warranty offers relief that Alumacraft Boat Co. stands by their product and we at Loughborough Lake Marina are all but happy to pass that along for the ride.

As an Authorized Evinrude Dealer, we can offer engine options to start you off or fully maximize the horsepower of your Boat Package to fit your needs.

With onsite Trade-In Evaluations and Financing Available, whether you are looking for new Alumacraft Fishing Boat in one of our V Boats or a Fish & Ski Boat with our Alumacraft Edge 185 Sport we have the perfect boat in stock, to make your dream boat a reality.

Find the Best Deals on New Alumacraft Custom Complete Boat Packages from Loughborough Lake Marina, Your #1 Authorized Alumacraft Dealer. Contact Us Today!




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