Top 5 Fall Camping Tips

Fall Camping, anyone who’s crazy about camping will tell you that one of the best times to head out is the autumn. Sure, you may have to pack some warmer clothing, but you can forgo loading up on bug spray and worrying about enduring crippling heat. The weather is warm enough to be inviting, cool enough to be invigorating and fresh enough to be better than any sleeping pill.

Best of all, not only will you be immersing yourself in nature, you’ll also find yourself blissfully surrounded by like-minded campers. All the rowdier summer groups will have hung their hats for the season, and the big, bright, colourful world will be yours in enjoy with your brethren.

Like any season, packing for autumn camping comes with its own unique set of demands. We’ll discuss them here to save you time and discomfort once you’re out there.

Fall Camping Tips

1. The Roof Over Your Head.

You may have a great tent for summer camping, but it might not be cut out for the fall. To ensure comfy autumn camping, make sure your tent is good quality and comes with a rain-fly in case the weather really gets nasty. Like any new tent, you’ll also want to practice setting your tent up and taking it down a few times before you actually embark. You don’t want to be trying to pitch a new tent for the first time when the light or weather is failing. It’s also good form to pack an extra tarp or two to place under your tent or over your tent in case it’s particularly wet.

2. The Shirt Off Your Back. Bring layers.

The weather man can’t only predict with relative accuracy. Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Pack t-shirts, long sleeved shirts as well as long underwear. Autumn is not known for its baseline weather, so be prepared and pack for almost anything. TIP: Don’t forget your rain gear!

3. The Food in Your Belly.

Cooler weather means longer cooking times since stoves won’t warm up as quickly. Be aware it can take a little longer to prepare a meal and you’ll keep your campers happy.

4. The Bed You Make.

To stay toasty during the cool nights when the temperature can take a major dive, invest in a good quality winter sleeping bag. Granted, you may not end up actually needing a winter sleeping bag but trust us on this: it’s better to be too warm than too cold. Most sleeping bags advertise their recommended temperatures, so all you have to do is read carefully.

5. The Weather Man’s Advice.

Like we said, weather people are well-intentioned, but they’re not oracles. However, they can help guide your packing list in the event there is any unseasonable weather on the horizon. For instance, while neither +20 weather nor snow is common in early October, it is also not unheard of. Knowing that you could be expecting a few flurries can help you make the call between packing your flip flops or your snow boots. (Anyone who’s lived in Ontario can tell you that one is about as likely as another!)

Use these fall camping tips to sideline any avoidable mishaps and make sure your memories are as bright and beautiful as the foliage.

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