Winterizing Your Boat Just Got Easier With Loughborough Lake Marina

Loughborough Lake Marina boat shrink wrap services provide you and your boat with the utmost protection throughout the coldest of winters, keeping your boat safe and dry even on the worst of days.

Winterizing a boat is so important due to the fact that water gets into the cracks and crevices during use, and the process of the water freezing and unfreezing can severely damage the integrity of the boat. Unless you have the proper boat shrink wrap being used during the off-season, you risk damage to the canvas, vinyl, and the enclosures. Boat Winterization protects it not only from the cold temperatures, but also the wind and UV exposure that can wreak additional damage.

Boat Shrink WrapWinterizing a boat with Loughborough Lake Marina means you receive expert marina employees that have been winterizing boats for many years, with the experience you need to perform the tough shrink wrapping process.

Boat shrink wrap is not cheap and winterizing a boat is not easy, so let our expert marina staff do the work for you. Loughborough Lake Marina offers the best pricing in the Kingston, Ontario area and back our pricing with top-quality, reliable boat shrink wrapping. On top of our Boat Shrink Wrap services we also offer full winter outdoor storage to keep the exterior of your boat safe.