ATVs for Sale: King Quad LT-A750XPL

If you’re looking for reliable and durable ATVs for sale, then look no further. Whether you plan to hit the open trials or put in a hard day in the field or snow, the Suzuki King Quad LT-A750XPL1 is a perfect pick for a utility ATV. This is one of the most popular choices for farmers, hunters and off-roading enthusiasts.

This tough quad can tackle the most difficult jobs with no trouble. The fuel injection system guarantees both fuel efficiency and an engine that will start in a range of conditions. The powerful 722cc engine makes the nastiest trials seem like a ride through the park. You’re also guaranteed a smooth ride with independent suspension and large diameter shock absorbers. A polyethylene skid plate provides under carriage protection for when you decide to really get off the beaten path.

Just remember that a robust ATV requires that you remain vigilant about your safety. Always wear your helmet – even if you are working at low RPMs. Thick gloves (like work gloves), full length sleeves and pants, and close-toed shoes are also a good idea, especially if you are doing more rugged work.

Suzuki has been an industry leader in ATVs for three decades. Much of their success can be attributed to staying on the cutting edge of technology. Their ability to evolve has made them one of the top ATVs for sale in Ontario and worldwide. In fact, Suzuki was the first to manufacture a 4-wheel ATV for sale in 1983. Their game changing design revolutionized ATVs and made them more utilitarian for both work and play. Today, Suzuki ATVs are used for both heavy-duty farm labour, to faced-paced race track action. They also manufacture a line of safe and lightweight ATVs made especially for children and young adults. These ATVs are meant to be operated under adult supervision and are not designed for children under the age of 12 years old.

Our ATVs for sale are all priced reasonably. A new Suzuki King Quad LT-A750XPL1 is only $9,995 – and until July 2, 2013, you will receive a free winch, valued at $499. Winches are an invaluable ATV accessory. With the help of a winch an ATV can tow vehicles up to 3 times its size. Of course, a utility ATV like the Suzuki King Quad LT-A750XPL1 is best for tougher work, like plowing, sowing, clearing land, hunting, towing or ranching. If you want an ATV for sale that’s more suited to fun and speed, then you should choose a sport ATV.

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