Mighty King Of The KINGQUAD Family
Three decades of ATV manufacturing experience has led to the Suzuki KingQuad A750AXi , Suzuki’s most powerful and technologically advanced ATV. Abundant torque developed by the 722cc fuel-injected engine gives the KingQuad the get up and go that’s a must-have for Utility Sport ATVs.

The Suzuki KingQuad A750AXi comes with a NEW front grill design adding to its aggressive nature, a NEW speedometer cover allowing for a sleeker look, and NEW CARLISLE tires providing excellent traction. 

The Suzuki KingQuad A750AXi features a twin-spark cylinder head and modified cam profiles to improve both power output and fuel economy. With an independent rear suspension, locking limited-slip front differential, and a handful of other features, the Suzuki KingQuad A750AXi comes loaded with all the necessities to make sure you get the job done. If you’re looking for a utility sport ATV, find out what makes this Suzuki worthy of the name KingQuad.              

The Machine For Those Who Need The Best Of Every Feature!