Loughborough Boat Rentals: An Ontario Vacation

loughborough lake ontario boat rentals

Life on Loughborough Lake is sweet. This spring fed, fresh water lake is beautiful from every vantage, but perhaps no perspective is better than a view of the lake, from the lake. This is where boat rentals come in handy. After all, not every true-blue nature lover is going to have a boat of their own. Luckily Ontario boat rentals abound – especially at Loughborough Lake’s one and only Marina.

Plan your next vacation with ease by selecting one of our affordable and reliable boat rentals. Trust us, you don’t want to put this off: Book your rental as soon as you book your vacation. Don’t assume boat rentals will be available at random. Boating, and by extension boating related sports like water-skiing, kneeboarding and fishing, are incredibly popular in Ontario and boat rentals book quickly, so you’re going to want to plan ahead.

First things first, though.

Before you book your boat rental, make sure you’ve secured accommodations at Loughborough Lake if you’re planning an overnight excursion. Most boat rentals don’t allow you to sleep in the vessel, so seek out reservations at a local campground or at the Loughborough Inn. Once again, don’t wait until the last minute – especially if your vacation falls during peak time (i.e. late spring, summer and early autumn). We recommend planning at least a month (yes – a month!) in advance if you want to make sure you save a spot. If you are planning your vacation during a long weekend, book even earlier.

Next, it’s time to think about boat rentals. The Loughborough Lake Marina offers a comprehensive spread of boat rentals that are perfect for any day trip. Whether you are planning a leisure cruise or a fishing expedition, you’re going to want to make sure your boat meets your needs.

We’re going to help you find the perfect boat rental, and we’re going to start by discerning exactly what you need.

You need…

A party boat

pontoon boat rentals

Pontoon boat rentals are your best bet. They’re luxurious and roomy and perfect for large groups of people. The comfortable couch setting is the perfect perch for a long, leisurely tour around the lake. Our pontoon boat rentals afford plenty of storage for food/drinks, extra clothing and towels as well as retractable canopies to catch some shade. Pontoon boats are also big enough to allow for split activities; one side of the boat can be for sunning and relaxing, and the other side can be for fishing. This is an all-purpose boat with style and comfort that is sure to please everyone in your party. Of course, this luxury comes at a price. While our pontoon boat rentals are by no means exorbitant, they are a little pricier than our more basic boats. This said, they are worth it if you want to make sure everyone in your diverse group has a good time. Just remember: Don’t drink and drive!

A fishing boat

fishing boat rentals

This one’s easy. Loughborough Lake anglers can take advantage of our Ontario fishing boat rentals. As the name suggests, our fishing boat rentals are designed specifically for fishing. They have plenty of room, as well as loads of power. They also come designed with built in bait tanks, rod storage, swivel seating, trolling motors, and storage compartments. Our fishing boat rentals range from 16-18 feet and are the perfect pick if you’re planning the ultimate Ontario fishing getaway.

The basics

boat rentals ontario

If you’re looking for an affordable and versatile boat that can take a little abuse, look no further than our utility boat rentals. Utility boats are good for fishing and cruising shorter distances. They can comfortably fit 2 to 4 people and come with bench seating. Our utility boat rentals are great for vacationers who simply want to putter about the lake, maybe do a little fishing and do it all for a bargain.

Other considerations

Boating License

Now that you’ve decided what boat rental you need, make sure you get your boating license – also known as a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You need to have this license to operate a boat on Canadian waters, regardless of the size of the boat, the engine size or your age. You can get your boating license online quickly and easily, so make sure you are certified to ensure a safe and happy trip.

Fishing Trip Preparation

If you’re looking to cast off, be sure you know what you need to fish legally in Canada.

A little bit of preparation will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run. It all begins with learning a bit about boat rentals, making appropriate reservations and making sure you have all the licensing necessary to boat and fish safely in Ontario.

Call us today to book your stay at Loughborough Lake!

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