Loughborough Lake

loughborough lake

Beautiful Loughborough Lake is located just 20 kilometers north of historic Kingston, Ontario. This sprawling fresh water, spring fed lake boasts over 160 kilometers of shoreline and is a popular vacation spot for locals and International tourists alike. In fact, Loughborough Lake is also home to many people, including celebrities like Dan Aykroyd and Doug Gilmour, who both have permanent residences on the lake. So what makes Loughborough Lake so popular?

For one, there are the stunning vistas. Loughborough Lake boasts sandy beaches with shallows that extend for up to 400 meters in some areas, making it perfect for families with children. The lake itself is 1800 hectares in area and the East basin is dotted with beautiful islands. Loughborough Lake is the home of many year round residents, and it is also a home away from home for many vacationers.

If you are not a resident, there are plenty of places to stay on the lake, ranging from The Loughborough Inn to campgrounds for tents, trailers and RVs. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome from the lake-loving locals.

loughborough lake

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Amenities on and around Loughborough Lake include Loughborough Marina, Creekside Bar & Grill and Limestone Organic Creamery, which is famous for its delicious ice cream. You will find picnic areas at boat ramps and parking for vehicles and trailers, so you can launch your boat with easy and enjoy a leisurely day on the lake.

Loughborough Lake also attracts people to its spectacular shores by hosting poker runs and fishing tournaments. In fact, Loughborough Lake’s incredible array of fish has made it a top pick for anglers, attracting fishing fanatics from around the world. The lake is home to species like large and smallmouth bass, as well as northern pike, rainbow trout and lake trout. You may even find splake here, since Loughborough Lake was once part of a splake stocking initiative. Clean, fresh water and lily pad covered back bays make Loughborough Lake an irresistible breeding ground for fish, and a veritable heaven for anglers.

loughborough-lake-fishingYou can fish all year round at Loughborough Lake, but it’s important to know what fish are in season to prevent hooking a hefty fine. Even if one fish was in season all year last year, it may not be this year. It is important to check with the Ministry of Natural Resources Fishing Regulation Guide to see which fish are off limits. (Hint: Loughborough Lake is in Zone 18.) Also make sure you have a valid fishing license and tag.

Fish that you can generally catch year round include channel fish, sunfish, brook trout, crappie, yellow perch, brown trout, splake, rainbow trout, lake sturgeon and lake whitefish. Keep in mind walleye, large and smallmouth bass, northern pike and lake trout are not all-season fish, so check in with the Ministry of Natural Resources to get the facts on fishing in Loughborough Lake.

Whatever your reason for visiting Loughborough Lake, you’re sure to leave with wonderful memories and an unshakable desire to come back again. Witness the beauty for yourself and book a stay with us at the Loughborough Inn.

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