History of Suzuki Outboard Motors

suzuki outboard motors

ref: Wikipedia

Suzuki outboard motors combine industry leading technology and superb engineering to create what we consider one of the best outboard motors available.

In fact, Suzuki boasts the industry’s biggest 4-stroke spread. Suzuki outboard motors are lightweight and range from a hardworking 2.5 horsepower portable to an incredible 4 litre 300 horsepower V6. With an astounding 20 models in all, Suzuki outboards have something for every boater. We’re talking powerful portables, full throttle mid-range outboards, and unbelievably versatile V6 engines.

The rich history of Suzuki outboard motors goes back to 1909, when Michio Suzuki founded a weaving loom building company in Hamamatsu Japan. Suzuki turned out to be an inventing genius and after 30 years of incredible success in loom manufacturing and countless patents, Suzuki decided to extend his knack for inventing to building small cars. However, WWII put a hold on those plans and by the end of the war, Suzuki realized that people needed more affordable personal transportation. The Power Free bicycle motor was born, and with it came Suzuki’s reputation for building quality motorcycles and small motors. The Suzuki Motor company was ushered into existence. Suzuki continued to invent for the rest of his life, eventually passing the torch to his son.

We love Suzuki outboard motors because like their namesake, they’re ingenious, hardworking and in it for the long run. Check out our lineup of Suzuki outboards and test the waters for yourself!

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