Suzuki DF300AP

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Suzuki DF300AP

“The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard” 
Suzuki DF300AP. Since its introduction, Suzuki's flagship 300 hp V6 has been a showcase for advanced technologies and designs. The award winning Suzuki DF300AP incorporates "Suzuki Selective Rotation" - the world's first outboard that combines standard and counter-rotation operation into the same lower unit. Two-Way low water pick up inlet provides engine cooling with increased water flow. The Suzuki DF300AP also features “Suzuki Precision Control”.  This fly-by wire control offers silky smooth shifting and throttle response. The addition of "Suzuki Lean Burn Control" with "Oxygen Sensor" can provide an improvement in fuel efficiency, especially while cruising on the long run home . Go with a Proven Winner, Go Suzuki. 


Hear it from our customer:

In addition to our drive-by-wire system (Suzuki Precision Control) and the Lean Burn Control System, the Suzuki DF300AP feature Suzuki's Selective Rotation. In its standard form, the outboard will operate in regular clockwise rotation, using the forward gear. Now, by changing the gear-shift mode and adding a counter rotational propeller, the same outboard can operate in counter rotation mode (anti-clockwise).

In counter rotation mode the power is transmitted through the reverse gear, which has been changed to give it the same characteristics as the forward gears. This is a world first in outboard motor technology.

By using our advanced technologies these V6 outboards deliver superior performance. They have dual overhead cam (DOHC) powerheads with four valves per cylinder and multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection. The 55° V-block design and offset driveshafts contribute to making them remarkably compact. The Suzuki DF300AP delivers high performance with our Variable Valve Timing (VVT), by maximising torque in the low/mid-range.


Innovation Award



When in comes to leading edge technology, Suzuki has time and again, delivered technological advancements that put Suzuki outboards at the forefront of advanced outboard motor design. Recognizing the DF300AP as the most innovative outboard introduced over the past year, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) awarded the DF300AP with its prestigious NMMA Innovation Award for 2012 marking an unprecedented seventh win for Suzuki and following the preciding year's award with the new DF50A/40A, a second, unprecedented back-to-back win for Suzuki.
The number of awards that Suzuki has garnered over the years reflects the company's strong desire to provide its customers with the very best, most innovative and most reliable products possible and acknowledges the outstanding work of the company's engineering staff.



Our flagship V6 range provides the perfect power for both leisure and commercial craft. As part of our sole supplier agreement with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Sailing Regatta, the Suzuki DF300AP was used, along with the DF140, DF90A and the DF40A.


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Suzuki's Lean Burn Control Technology optimises the fuel-to-air mixture throughout the engine's operating range to help maximise performance and fuel economy.