Suzuki Outboards

Suzuki Outboards

Suzuki outboards, Suzuki has spent an enormous amount of time on the water comparing, developing, and testing outboards, and just plain enjoying boating. So, long ago, Suzuki concluded that the ultimate outboard is one that gives the user a sense of excitement and satisfaction. 

To that end, Suzuki focuses their time, energy, knowledge, skills , and the most advanced technologies at their disposal, exploring and developing technologies and designs that give their outboards a superior edge, whether it be in the form of improved performance, greater durability, higher fuel efficiency , or quieter operation.

Suzuki will continue to challenge themselves so that they can provide you with the ultimate experience on the water.


Featuring both power and durability, Suzuki V6 outboards showcase overwhelming speed.  Don't be surprised to find all other boats left in your wake!  Suzuki introduced V6 4-stroke outboards for the first time in 2003.  These engines, supported by 14 years of Suzuki's experience in V6 technology, bring you safely back to the marina on weekends filled with joy.

FROM $36,435

FROM $24,995

FROM $28,711

FROM $26,200

FROM $25,795


Though it's a lightweight, in-line four-cylinder engine, the big bore "BIG BLOCK" engine with 2,867 cm3 displacement can generate power comparable to the V6.  In addition to its award winning high quality and silent operation design, high grade Suzuki Selective Rotation and Suzuki Precision Control it employed in DF200AP and the new DF175AP/150AP models.  You can count on it to make your boating life more comfortable.

A large gear ratio enabled by an offset driveshaft ensures both power and speed, while a lean burn control system leads to low fuel consumption, thus creating a well-balanced clean engine.  These outboards satisfy a variety of boating needs, from leisure use to commercial use.

FROM $20,300

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High performance, lightweight, compact and low on fuel consumption... you can have it all in one! For fishing, for high-speed rides or slow and quiet cruising, for having fun with family and friends or enjoying time alone... whatever your needs, Suzuki portable outboards will take you there.

FROM $6,100

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