New and Used Boat Trailers for Sale at Loughborough Lake Marina

Loughborough Lake Marina has a variety of new and used boat trailers for sale. We carry new Shoreland’r boat trailers and wide selection of used boat trailers when we receive used inventory, which changes frequently.

Our new, Shoreland’r boat trailers are superior in quality to protect your boat when it is out of its element. The Shoreland’r name is synonymous with providing maximum strength and quality construction that ensures a longer shelf-life for your boat trailer. If you’re looking for new boat trailers for sale in the Eastern Ontario region, you’re not going to find a better deal than this.

When selecting a boat trailer, there are many factors to consider, including whether or not you will be using rollers to get it in (this will inform what sort of ramp you’re looking for.)

First, you need to make sure the size is correct; you want to make sure the trailer is about 2 feet longer than the boat itself. It is best to do this yourself, as manufacturers measure their boats differently and may not have factored in things such as the bow pulpit. The same goes for the width of the boat.

Another important factor for boat trailers is the weight. When calculating weight, make sure you account for the weight when it is wet, or when there is a full tank of gas. Also be sure to factor in the weight of everything on the boat, such as the batteries and engine. Again, some manufacturers factor these into the published weight, but some do not.

Additionally, we provide all sales of our Shoreland’r boat trailers with regular maintenance and servicing prior to and after final sales. Our stock of new and used boat trailers is always changing, so be sure to contact us or drop in sometime to see the latest boat trailers for sale.