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Loughborough Lake Marina Boat RentalsLoughborough Lake Marina Boat Rentals Ontario

Experience the magnificent Loughborough Lake in one of our exclusive boat rentals and spend a beautiful, sunny day on the water, fishing, relaxing with friends, or just spending some quality time with your family. Loughborough Lake Marina provides some of the best and most affordable boat rentals in Eastern Ontario for everyone from families to professional anglers.

Boat rentals are perfect for that quick getaway where the activity is the most important part. Whether it is a last minute decision, an emergency, or something you just want to try out, we provide affordable boat rentals that are perfect for any type of watercraft need.

There are 3 main boat rental types: utility boat rentals, fishing boat rentals and pontoon boat rentals. They are all good boats, but they each have their own advantages for what you’re looking for. If you are not user which boat type suits you best, browse our entire rental fleet.

There is no better way to explore the profound exquisite waters of Loughborough Lake and the abundance of fish that fill its depth than with a boat rental from Loughborough Lake Marina.

If you know what boat you would like to rent or if you already have a boat and you would like it launched in Loughborough Lake, you can submit a request form here.

Rental boats at dockRental Information

  • A rental contract must be signed prior to embarkation
  • Rental days are calculated based on pickup at 8:30 AM and return at 4:30 PM.  Half days are 8:30 AM-12:30 PM or 12:30 PM-4:30 PM.  Early pickups or late returns incur an additional 1/2 day charge
  • Gasoline is not included in the rental price
  • The boat is provided with a full fuel tank. Charge is added on for the refilling of gasoline tank to full on return of boat
  • All boats are provided with the required safety equipment (lifejackets, sounding device, bailer, water-proof flashlight, paddle and buoyant heaving line)
  • Customer is responsible for all damages to the rental boat. Any required repairs will be completed by Loughborough Lake Marina
  • A valid credit card must be provided at time of rental and deferred charges may be applied under certain circumstances
  • Loughborough Inn guests may reserve boats any time after booking a reservation
  • Loughborough Inn guests must book boats through Loughborough Inn
  • Clients not staying at Loughborough Inn may reserve boats within 2 weeks of arrival and must leave a valid credit card with Loughborough Lake Marina
  • Requests for boat rental can be made in person or by e-mail, fax or telephone and are subject to confirmation of availability by Loughborough Lake Marina or in the case of Loughborough Inn guests by Loughborough Inn