ATV trail riding in Ontario

ATV Trail Riding on a Suzuki KingQuad

ATV trail riding is quickly becoming one of the most go to activities for people who love outdoor activities. If you are an adrenaline junkie who loves partaking in thrilling outdoor activities then you will be interested to read about ATV trail riding in South Eastern Ontario, Canada. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know when considering an ATV riding tour in the thrilling open trails of Ontario.

Why the trails in Ontario?

Granted ATV riding is now common across the country and all over the world, just a simple search online will provide you with many trail options, so why the trail in Ontario? What makes them the must go to trails for ATV lovers? Well, for starts the ATV trails in South Eastern Ontario are thousands of kilometers long with many challenging turns and obstacles that are guaranteed to thrill the rider. The trails in Ontario are supported and maintained by organizations that ensure the safety of the riders and that of the environment. This means that organized tours of the Ontario trails is possible, either as a club, group of friends or as a private individual.

Many international outdoor enthusiasts visit the South Eastern Ontario trails to experience some world class riding opportunities provided by the different local ATV clubs. The unparalleled landscape and scenery in Ontario makes the experience even more enjoyable.  Whether a leisurely back country tour or a wicked mud run Ontario has many multi-use trails filled with intriguing attractions. When riding in Ontario, you can ride the trails just for the day, or pack a tent for overnight trips in any of the many camping sites found along the trails.


ATV Trail Riding - Suzuki Kingquad special
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Colour options are Red or Green.  Camo upgrade is not available for the advertised special. Call us for details or to arrange a demo ride!